To illustrate, Abraham Lincoln, 19 feet tall when seated and made of marble, has his own memorial. Lincoln did not have to understand the enslaved person experience; he couldn’t, because he was White. Abe just had to understand, with the help of his conscience and his Bible, that slavery was profoundly wrong then lead the Union in a Civil War so that the enslaved people could be emancipated..

“I only write when something moves me, and the station gives me the freedom to do it. I write about social issues, but they’re social issues that take place at a sporting event,” Hansen, 70, said. “I think I’ve got carte blanche to write about the national anthem because it’s happening cheap nfl jerseys at a football game.

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“I thought Josh did a great job,” Portis told Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier on 106.7 The Fan. “Me, honestly, I actually think Johnson played himself into a role as the quarterback for next season. It’s hard to look at this roster and say, ‘Well [Mark] Sanchez or Colt [McCoy] should be in front of him to finish out the season.’ Even if Colt comes back, I think Johnson gives you more of an opportunity because of scrambling ability.

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